Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL)

The Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) is the supreme federal authority for the political concerns and objectives of the Federal Government in the areas of agriculture, forestry and fisheries, nutrition, consumer protection and food safety. At the same time, the BMEL is committed to providing prospects in the many rural regions of the Federal Republic of Germany as well as to animal welfare and safeguarding the world's food supply. Healthy, safe and affordable food for all, supported by clear information for the individual consumer, the preservation of vital rural regions and sustainable, strong agriculture and forestry make up some of the central objectives in the ministry's activities and legislative initiatives. Changes in the focus of the ministry's work and the expansion of its competencies resulted in several name changes in the course of the past decades, for some time the ministry thus used to be abbreviated as BML and BMELV. Whilst running under the designation BMELV, the ministry included the topic of "climate protection and adaptation to climate change" as early as 2008 as one of the seven main goals of its departmental research. With its funding support for research, innovation, new processes and technologies in the relevant policy areas, the ministry is strongly oriented towards topics to secure the future, including, for example, climate protection, renewable raw materials and a stable as well as sustainable nutrition for the world's population.