Energy Concepts

Berlin-Brandenburg Energy Network e. V. (BEN)

The Berlin-Brandenburg Energy Network e.V. (BEN), as the interface between business, politics and science, is the central representative of the energy transition in Berlin-Brandenburg. The association promotes decentralized energy production, preferably by regional companies. The members are distributed along the entire renewable energies value chain.

Institut für ZukunftsEnergie-und Stoffstromsysteme gGmbH (IZES)

IZES was founded in 1999 and operates since 2005  as a limited non-profit organization. Next to its main shareholder, the State of Saarland, the Stadtwerke Saarbrücken Netz AG, the VSE AG, the STEAG New Energies GmbH, the Pfalzwerke AG, the Enovos Deutschland SE, the htw saar (University of Applied Sciences) and the University of Saarland have ownership shares in the IZES gGmbH. Main objective of the institution's work are the promotion of science and research as well as environmental protection, in particular by applied research and development in the field of sustainable energy and material flow systems. The IZES gGmbH is divided into the 5 departements Energy Markets, Infrastructure and Municipal Development, Material Flow Management, Technical Innovations and Environmental Psychology.

Working Group Energy Balances (AGEB)

The AGEB was founded by seven associations of the German energy industry and three institutes working in the field of energy research. It evaluates the statistics in all fields of energy industry under a scientific point of view, makes energy balances and publishes them. Each year the AGEB makes an energy balance of the Federal Republic of Germany, which offers a comprehensive and detailed view on German energy industry. Moreover, data on prime energy consumption are published quarterly.