Energy Transport

Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs (BMWi)

The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs (BMWi), as a supreme authority of the Federal Government, performs legislative, administrative and coordinating functions for the Federal Republic of Germany, for example in energy, industrial and innovation policy as well as in competition, SME and European policy. Its central task is to secure lasting prospects for employment, investment and growth in Germany with a forward-looking economic policy. The guiding principle for this is a policy based on the principles of the social market economy. Essential fields of action for the Ministry are the support and promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups, stimulating and accompanying investments and innovations, maintaining and expanding the international competitiveness of Germany as an industrial location, and creating the necessary framework conditions. In doing so, it is also responsible for ensuring that important challenges of our time such as digitalisation, the effects of demographic change, the energy transition and other economic transformation processes for climate protection and a secured prosperity and growth also in the future are adequately addressed and taken into account. The increased attention and commitment paid to this growing range of tasks is reflected by the Ministry's most recent name change into Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action.

Federal Association of the German Energy and Water Industries (BDEW)

The BDEW is the representation of the German gas supplying companies, water supplying companies and waste water management companies in political, economic, legal and technical questions. Over 1,200 German supply companies are members of BDEW. Thus, with respect to natural gas, BDEW represents the entire supply chain in Germany, i.e. from production and importation to final distribution. The BDEW's range of work for its member companies comprises political representation of interests, legal advice, professional education and conferences, marketing and public relations, press work, statistics, and economic and technical/economic analyses.