Heating Engineering

SIMAKA Energie- und Umwelttechnik GmbH

The company's range of services includes the construction of highly efficient heat pumps for private, commercial and industrial use as well as industrial and sludge dryers. It manufactures cross-sector systems that small and medium-sized companies as well as globally operating corporations use in hotels, care facilities, clinics and other public and private institutions. In recent years, SIMAKA GmbH has received various awards for its achievements, especially for the development of new technologies. For example, the company received the Energy Efficiency Award 2021 for its highly efficient exhaust air purification system based on heat pump technology. It allows solvents to be separated from the exhaust air using the condensation principle and the exhaust air to be purified using an activated carbon filter in paint and surface treatment plants, among others. In addition, the waste heat from the pump is used to heat the cleaning water for the washing system of the to be painted parts, for process air conditioning and in buildings. For years, the company has also worked in research and development projects, including a project completed in 2018 in which a specially developed nitrogen evaporation system can be used to make the energy released by the evaporation of nitrogen (enthalpy gain) available as useful cooling to consumers.


The Stiebel Eltron Group manufactures electrical, hot water and heating appliances as well as systems for the use of renewable energies and heat pump heating and systems for controlled domestic ventilation with heat recovery. The family-owned company follows the vision that electricity is the energy of the future and that preference must be given to renewable resources here. With 4,000 employees worldwide it is committed to efficient heating technology solutions with green technologies. Around 100 years of experience provide a strong backup in this field, considering that the company started in 1924 in Berlin with the goal to develop and construct products with low energy consumption, higher safety and more comfort. Since that time STIEBEL ELTRON has already obtained more than 1,700 patents and registered designs. Today it has three national and four international production facilities.

Gebr. Bruns GmbH

Bruns is a manufacturer of OEM containers for use in the heating sector. It was appointed sole supplier of the containers used to store the waste heat generated in a landfill gas plant in a demonstration project. (s. CPG Project: Mobile heat supply independent of supply lines)