Process Heat

extrutec GmbH

Extrutec distributes a gas furnace which preheats combustion air for the heating of aluminium bolts. The furnace was developed by extrutec in a demonstration project. (s. CPG Project: Energy-efficient process for heating aluminium billets)

Interprojekt Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH

Interprojekt supplies complete systems for treatment of waste gas from glass melting furnaces. The engineering company develops batch & cullet preheaters amongst others to use the heat from the glass melting furnaces. (s. CPG-Projekt „Neue Form der Abwärmenutzung in der Glasindustrie – Frozen Cullet“)

promeos GmbH

promeos develops and produces special burners which function without an open fire and offers heating solutions for industrial plant.

Würz GmbH

Würz GmbH is a world-wide manufacturer of thermotechnical plants for use in a wide range of industries. Their fields of activity include combustion processes and heat supply and recovery. In a demonstration project, Würz GmbH was responsible for the design and construction of a new recuperator used to recover heat from a hot-blast cupola. (s. CPG Project: Waste heat recovery in a cupola furnace)