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SME-innovative - Climate Protection: Gas-Fired Hot Air Blowers as a Replacement for Electric Hot Air Blowers

The gas-fired hot air blower developed for industrial process heating can be used to substitute electrically heated devices. The device is designed to facilitate the controlled mixing of secondary air with exhaust airflows from the porous gas burner, thereby achieving greater efficiency and lower emissions.


The project objective was to substitute electrical energy in heating processes with natural gas and LPG, which are more environmentally benign fuels. This was to be achieved by developing a production-ready gas-fired hot air blower for industrial process heating to replace large, electrically heated devices. A key aspect was the development of controls for regulating the mixing of secondary air with exhaust air streams generated by the patented porous gas burner. Heat output and heating temperature were also to be controlled independently of one another and all components were to be integrated in a compact device for use by industry. Additional objectives were to achieve large volume and/or high temperature airflows, save energy, reduce emissions and accomplish more economical operation.

A device was developed with the following functionality:

  • Homogenous mixing of the burner exhaust and air, with no impact on the combustion process
  • Homogenous mixing of minute volumes through optimized intake and distribution of air and burner exhaust.
  • Minimum loss of pressure during operation to facilitate a decrease in blower size and power.
  • Homogenous mixing with no negative impact on emission values.

Initial application of the technology was conducted in cooperation with a pilot user. The promised product benefits (energy savings of >30% and consequent reduction in emissions, maximum temperatures of over 800°C; independent controls for temperature and output) could be achieved during field trials.

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promeos GmbH

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Project title: KMU-innovativ - Klimaschutz: Gasbefeuertes Heißluftgebläse zur Substitution von elektrisch beheizten Heißluftgebläsen großer Leistung für den höheren Temperaturbereich

Project number: 01LY0804A

Project period: 2008 - 2010

Project region: Germany (Bavaria)

Project contact:

Herr Dr. Volkert
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Source: German National Library of Science and Technology Hannover (TIB)