Refrigeration Technology

Bavarian Center for Applied Energy Research (ZAE Bayern)

ZAE Bayern works on the interface between evidence-based fundamental and applied- industrial research. Its main research topics are Photovoltaics, Energy Storage, Energy Optimized Buildings, Energy Optimized Processes.

Association of German Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Contractors (VDKF)

The Association of German Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Contractors represents its members with regard to governmental and public authorities and organisations. It looks after the relevant economic interests of its members throughout the industry, and in addition provides a wide range of services such as legal advice, advertising and marketing, as well as providing information and organising events. The association offers a database about German companies from this line of business. It is possible to search for a specialization as commercial and industrial or transport refrigeration.

German Society of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (DKV)

DKV is the unique German technical-research organisation for refrigeration, airconditioning and heatpumptechnology.

Green Chiller Association for Sorption Cooling e.V.

The Green Chiller Association for Sorption Cooling e.V., Berlin, Germany was formed in March 2009 as German Association to promote and develop the solar and thermal cooling markets. All closed sorption technologies like absorption cooling (working pair’s water/lithium bromide and ammonia/water) and adsorption cooling (water/silica gel and water/zeolith) are offered by the members. The closed sorption technologies will be included in the future. One important target for developing the solar cooling market is to create the basis for funding of solar cooling systems.

Institute of Air Handling and Refrigeration (ILK Dresden)

The ILK Dresden - Institut für Luft- und Kältetechnik (Institute of Air Handling and Refrigeration) - is carrying out research and development in the fields of air handling and refrigeration technologies and their applications.

Research Council for Refrigeration Technology

It is the task of the Research Council for Refrigeration Technology (Forschungsrat Kältetechnik) to advance technological and scientific research in the field of refrigeration technology and application.