Wind Energy

Development and commissioning of a 4-MW large-scale wind power plant

The project's aim is to develop and construct a prototype wind power plant with a nameplate capacity of approx. 4 MW. The project also intends to examine and evaluate the technical and economic aspects regarding production, transport, construction and operation of such a large-scale wind power plant.


At the time the project was started in 1997, the world's largest wind power plants possessed a nameplate capacity of roughly 1.5 MW. The German wind power plant manufacturer Enercon GmbH deemed a development advance to a multi-megawatt wind power plant with 4 MW possible. The project undertook all necessary steps for plant development and production and overcame the challenges posed by logistics and approval procedures. After a four-year project phase, the plant with a rotor diameter of 112 m and a hub height of approx. 130 m was commissioned successfully.

Based on previous wind power plant designs, the wind power plant, designated E112, was designed without gears. It features an Enercon synchronous ring generator and is run with variable speed and adjustable rotor blades.

The successful construction and commissioning proves that multi-megawatt wind power plants are feasible both on- and off-shore and represents a massive development step for the important pillar of regenerative energy supply that wind power represents.


  • The E112 prototype with a nameplate capacity of 4.5 MW was installed in August 2002 and proves that plants on this scale are technically feasible.
  • The E112 is of interest both for inland projects as well as for so-called repowering projects.
  • The E112 presents a development basis for multi-megawatt off-shore wind power plants.
  • Numerous production machines, even including special transport vehicles, were designed specifically for the new plant type.
  • Whether multi-megawatt wind power plants are also profitable is heavily dependent on progress in terms of the logistics regarding production, construction and transport.

More Project Informations

Project number:  0329824

Project period:  1998 - 2002

Project region:  Germany (Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt)

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Source: German National Library of Science and Technology Hannover (TIB)