General Surface Engineering

Construction and installation of a machine for a new roller covering method

The fully automated process fully exploits the process heat generated during calendering. Protective film, bonding solutions and free solvents can be fully dispensed with.


The Mitex Gummiwerke have developed this new roller covering method themselves and applied for a patent. This process replaces the older roller covering methods that are manual or semi automatic with a completely automatic process that uses less bonding agents and solvents.

Using this process considerable yearly savings of 2.920.000 m2 plastic foil, 1.400 kg bonding agents and solvents, 7.600 kg rubber cutting residues, 8.500 kg turning and grinding waste, 12.600 kg elastomers can be made.

So this roller covering method is not only a contribution for the efficient use of resources, but it also allows considerable savings.

Source: Final report

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MITEX Gummifabrik - Hans Knott GmbH

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Project title: Errichtung einer Walzenbeschichtungsanlage nach dem Auflaufverfahren

Project number: 20087

Reference number: FKZ: 30441-5/51

Project period: 2004 - 2005

Project region: Germany (North Rhine-Westphalia)

Project contact:

Frau Fischer
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+49 (340) 2103 3067
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Source: Environmental library of the Federal Environment Agency (UBA)