Sustainable Mobility

Siemens AG

The Siemens AG is a leading technology group with a focus on industry, infrastructure and mobility. The pioneer in the field of electrical engineering has started very small, as a start-up in 1847. In 1966, with the founding of Siemens AG, the first step was taken to reorganise the company after the tragedy of the two World Wars. Soon afterwards, the central areas of activity got divided into six largely independent divisions. The Power Engineering, Installation Engineering and Communications Engineering Groups were newly created whilst the Construction Elements and Data Technology Groups emerged almost unchanged from the previous structure. The Siemens-Reiniger-Werke is henceforth known as Medical Engineering Group. Almost 175 years after the date of its foundation, the ten-man company in Berlin's Schöneberger Strasse has become a global player that has had a decisive influence on the history of innovation and technology. With around 90,000 employees and several thousand trainees, Siemens is now one of the largest private employers and training companies in Germany. The company now focuses on drive technology, energy, building services, healthcare, industrial automation, mobility and the associated components of services, software and financing. The task and guiding motto 'Shaping digitalisation' has increasingly become the focus of the company's commitment since 2007. The 'Digital city' is not only seen as smart by the company, but as an urgent necessity, among other things in order to get closer to CO2 neutrality and climate protection goals.