Thermal Treatment

Analysis of nanoparticle emissions from waste incineration

With the increase in products containing nanoparticles, the waste management industry must also deal with their remaining during disposal. The project investigates the behaviour and separation of frequently used nanoparticles in thermal waste treatment.



In the thermal recycling of municipal waste, there is a possibility that the nanoparticles contained in the waste are inadequately filtered by the existing waste gas purification system and are released into the environment. It is uncertain whether these nanoparticles have toxicologically relevant effects on humans.

In the project, the entire path from the residual material to incineration, filtering of the waste gas, release into the environment and toxicological evaluation of the effect on humans and the environment is considered. By selecting and adapting suitable filter media, the separation of defined nanoparticles is to be specifically realised. The resulting samples containing nanoparticles will be used to assess the need to separate hazardous nanoparticles from the exhaust gas, particularly from a human-toxicological point of view.

In addition to the combustion tests on a pilot plant scale, field tests and measurement campaigns using materials containing nanoparticles are being carried out in a waste incineration plant to test the transferability of filter technology and analysis methods to practical applications and thus their applicability to real mixtures of residual materials.

Results from the investigation of the project-specific nanomaterial barium sulphate:
- The majority remains in the solid combustion residues.
- At high temperature occurs more agglomeration and sintering of the material than at lower temperatures (staged combustion).
- The separation efficiency of the filter is high.
- Reducing conditions lead to a chemical change of the nano-barium sulfate.

More Project Information

Project title: NanoEmission - Untersuchung des Emissionsverhaltens von Nanopartikeln bei der Abfallverbrennung

Reference number: 03X3578

Project period: 2013 - 2016

Project region: Germany

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Source: German National Library of Science and Technology Hannover (TIB)