Thermal Treatment

Corrosion protection for waste incineration plants and biomass power plants

The overall aim of the research project is to develop a thermal and chemical corrosion protection for functional surfaces in waste-to-energy plants (WtE) and biomass power plants (BPP) using solvothermally compacted multi-layer systems. In particular, the focus is on the operation of waste incineration plants and power plants, where the requirements for corrosion protection are the highest due to the aggressive gas compositions.



The development tasks are aimed at increasing the previously inadequate corrosion protection in these plants, with their high operating temperatures and chemically aggressive ambient conditions, and at sustainably increasing their reliability and service life. The tasks are solved by the innovative approach of modifying chemically inert ceramic protective coatings, which are applied by thermal spraying, by solvothermal processes so that they meet the high requirements.

In previous research projects, thermally sprayed coating systems based on Ni-alloy as a levelling layer (intermediate layer) and oxide ceramic top layers were investigated in detail and solvothermal processes identified. The latter cause a densification of the ceramic in the transition area to the metal and increase its resistance to wear, thermal shock and corrosion. Previously existing deficits of thermally sprayed coatings in the form of inadequate sealing, insufficient adhesion to metallic base bodies and mechanical load-bearing capacity can thus be eliminated.

The aim of the project is to investigate the above-mentioned effects, to determine their kinetics in more detail and to continue and refine the methods for synthesising the process for relevant corrosion preventive coating systems for WtE and BPP plants. The material combinations determined from these investigations and the parallel development of the coating technology are continuously checked in the laboratory. Suitable coating systems are applied and tested in the plant operation of the waste-to-energy plant Schwandorf and in the combustion pilot plant of Fraunhofer UMSICHT. These scientific and technical investigations and applications are intended to create the basis for the use of thermal spray coating systems as reliable corrosion protection for WtE and waste BPP plants.

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Project title: TS-Protect - Thermisch gespritzte und solvathermal verdichtete Schutzschichten in Müllverbrennungsanlagen und Biomassekraftwerken

Reference number: 03X3569

Project period: 2013 - 2015

Project region: Germany

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Source: German National Library of Science and Technology Hannover (TIB)