Physico-Chemical Effluent Treatment

Terrawater GmbH

The recovery of resources and water from wastewater is the task of Terrawater GmbH from Kiel. The company started with the idea of developing a technology for water desalination, water reclamation and wastewater concentration that does not require any chemicals and uses the waste heat from other industries with maximum efficiency. The result is a unique evaporation technology that is constantly being optimised and further developed. The resulting applications are used for the highly efficient treatment of a wide variety of waters (seawater, brackish water, wastewater, etc.). With their help, desalination can be carried out up to the level of drinking water, also the separation of accumulating surface water and silage leachate at biogas plants into waste water and distillate, the refinement or volume reduction of fermentation residues, the production of a solid fertiliser from an ammonium sulphate solution or also a nutrient separation and purification of industrial production (e.g. caseinate production) and effluent waste water (e.g. paper production) can be realised. The treatment of black liquor up to real "Zero Liquid Discharge" is also one of the possibilities of Terrawater technologies.